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Wise & Son

Electrical Services

Telephone:        07527 620045


Delivering a complete domestic electrical service in

West London, South Buckinghamshire and East Berkshire

Labour costs


We offer free estimates for all jobs regardless of size and believe that our customers should only pay for the length of time that the job has actually taken.

The first 30 minutes of any job is £30.  We then charge £60 an hour on a pro-rata basis.  This means that should we work for one hour fifteen minutes, that is what you pay for.  The invoice would not be rounded up to charge for two hours labour.

Larger jobs are estimated according to the labour man hours required and are agreed upfront.

Unforseen challenges may require a review of the job, as would an early finish.  We will communicate any changes or adjustments to the original estimate prior to any further works.


We believe that the marking up the cost of materials is wrong, regardless of their size or quality.


We have access to trade discounts on many items from our wholesalers which we directly pass on to our customers.  In some instances, products have a discount of 50% of the retail price which can make quite a saving, especially on larger jobs.

All materials bills can be itemised upon request.


We are mainly supplied by Ormrod Lighting and Electric Ltd in Chiswick and are happy to collect and install any items purchased from them, and recommend them to all our customers.

Surveys, Planning and Advice

It is impossible to foresee all the challenges which may arise on a job, but it is important to limit the amount.  With this in mind, and at no extra cost to the work undertaken, we include a consultation stage to acheive this.  The consultation comprises of three parts which are as follows:

  • Survey - To identify which regulations will be applicable when meeting customer requirements.
  • Planning - To identify any potential challenges which may hinder the progression of the job.
  • Advice - To communicate any necessary amendments regarding installation and material requirements.

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